The FinLit project involves 4 partners from 3 coutries, with relevant experiences and competencies to successfuly implement the project activities and achieve its goals.

MKC Maribor

is a youth cultural centre from Slovenia, serving as an organizational, implementing and evaluation body in the Municipality of Maribor to promote and develop youth sector within all areas of the city as well as remaining in touch with other EU youth initiatives to connect young people around Europe and further. It creates around 300 various events annually, and being in role of support to other organizations in the area.


International Institute for implementation of sustainable development is also located in the city of Maribor. As a NGO, its core activities are research driven project on sustainability with high level of expertise on project development, evaluation and dissemination. MIITR is actively involved in various EU project and in globally significant networks and initiatives for creating long-term active society.


Fundacja Europejski Istytut Outsourcingu

Τhe European Outsourcing Institute Foundation is located in Poland, but performs on a wider level. Some of the activities within the organization are: scientific research, development of activities to promote and connect multi-cultural communities, support for all levels of education and trainings, promotion of sustainable business.

Innovation Hive

Innovation Hive from Greece is a private non-profit organization with a mission to create open innovations on various areas of application and with many stakeholders and strong partnerships. Its vision is to combine the civil society with academia and industry, forming a symbiotic relationships. Innovation Hive operates through business and social innovations through education and “quadruple helix approach”.