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FinLit Erasmus+ Program

About the Project

Financial Literacy for a quicker Financial Independence is an E+ project, aiming to improve the financial competences and economic knowledge for successful and stable life of young people. It is a long-term investment into human capital.​

Financial Planning

Αchieve what you want by knowing each of the activities, resources and materials you need to achieve your financial goal, as well as the timeframes involved.

Business Loan

Let us figure out together what it takes to apply for a business loan to start your dream job or real estate.


Need help before making an important financial step? Sit down with us and make a personalized financial goals, action plans and get your financial priorities in line with your life vision.

Retirement Plan

Understanding your time horizon and start with the most effective way to save for retirement is today.

Taxes Planning

Way to master the process of analyzing a financial plan or a situation from a tax perspective to minimize your tax liabilities.

Capital Investments

Best insight into investing your money in gold, crypto currencies, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more.


1. State-of-the-art report on financial literacy competencies among youth in EU

2. Developed e-modules with topics on personal finance management to help young people in co-creating their independent lives

3. Organized youth and staff trainings, where learning materials is tested before wider use

The Main Training Activities Of The Project


Providing short-term stuff and youth trainings to test, evaluate and improve our e-platform and e-course on financial literacy for young people.

E-learning Academy

Will ensure that young people have acquired knowledge, skills and competences in financial literacy.

Empowering Youth

User-friendly consulting, analysing, evaluating and disseminating processes to assure a strong network and long-term project sustainability.

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